Tools You Can Use for SEO

What is SEO, and how does it function?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to the process of attracting visitors to a website through search engine results that are generated organically, editorially, or otherwise naturally. Its goal is to elevate your website up the ranks of search engine rankings. Keep in mind that more people will visit your website if it is placed higher in the search results. Most people visit the sites on the first page of search engines.  
Here is the top list of the best SEO tools:

Word Counter

The more words you have in your article, the better Google understands what it is about. Google favors longer content in its search results, so this is no surprise. As a result, they believe that at least 300 words are required to rank on Google.
When calculating word count, remember to include both paragraphs and headings because word count helps you target your audience; it's vital. As an illustration, if you produce a novel with a word count of 100,000 words or more, you should expect that some readers will find it too lengthy; just because of the word count.

Ahrefs webmaster tools

The Ahrefs Webmaster Tools allow you to check for over a hundred technical SEO issues on your website when you register and authenticate your account. Additionally, it offers advice on how to resolve the issue. Additionally, after doing an audit, it provides recommendations on how you can improve your website's search engine optimization (SEO).
It also shows you where your site ranks for organic keywords and who is linked to you. The limitation is that only 5,000 crawl credits per project in one month

Google search console

If you want to see what Google thinks of your website, you can utilize Google Search Console. Check and fix technical faults on your website, see crucial SEO data such as clicks, impressions, and the average position in the ranking, and submit sitemaps, all using this tool.
Keep in mind that search engines like Bing and Yandex have their own "search consoles." The Only limitation is that it shows a handful of technical SEO issues.  

Google Analytics

Google Analytics may be the most widely used open-source analytics tool available. It analyzes virtually every bit of traffic you can imagine on your website- where it comes from, which page receives it, among others.
If you want to see how much of your traffic is coming from search engines other than Google, this is a useful tool to have. On the other hand, Google Analytics no longer reveals which keywords are driving traffic to your site. What lies behind "(not given)" will have to be discovered using a program like Keyword Hero.


The SEO tools provided by Google are updated frequently. These tools assist publishers in determining why a page is failing and provide precise advice on how to improve the page's performance to rank higher.